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My years of experience hiking, adventuring, and gym training have led me to a career in helping others kick-start their journeys to improved health and wellness, and reach new heights in their respective interests. Whether you've never stepped in a gym before, are looking to maintain your hiking muscles in the "off-season", or want to train for your next big adventure, I can help you build a plan of action to achieve your wildest, or simplest, dreams. Together we will build healthy habits that encourage activity not just at the gym, but in all aspects of life!

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Get one-on-one attention and specialized programming that will maximize the results of your workouts. Through private training, we can build a specific program that's tailored to your goals and your abilities.


Reap the benefits of working closely with a trainer, but share the love - and the cost - with a friend. Groups of up to four people may share 60 - 90 minute sessions to build your heath and camaraderie.

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My intent is to help you reach your goals, no matter what they are. Whether you want to work in-person at a gym, engage virtually while staying at home, or simply need help building a routine, I offer training specific to building strength, prepping and training for outdoor recreation and sports, as well as for general health and fitness. With 80 hours of nutrition education completed and years of following a plant-based lifestyle, I also offer nutritional guidance for those working toward holistic health.

General Fitness

If you're new to exercise or simply want to improve your overall health, I can help you identify where to start and how to move forward. From strengthening muscles, to building endurance, and controlling your stability, we can fill your program with variety to help you reach your goals.

General Fitness
Adventure Training

Whatever your recreation is, I  select exercises that strengthen the muscles and body systems that are essential to your sport. Your custom program will improve your performance and get you prepared for your next challenge or adventure.

Adventure Training
Nutrition & Wellness

There's no one-for-all approach to nutrition - but whatever diet you follow or allergies you have, I can help you formulate a plan and build habits around food that complement your health and physique goals.

Strength Training

Whether you want to gain strength for fun or for function, we can use weightlifting to achieve it. By working with barbells, free weights, machines, and even bodyweight, we can maximize your gains in a safe & efficient way.

Strength Training

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